Asphalt Mix Design Optimum Bitumen

Characterization of Mastic Asphalt with Cold Mix

Setting (MS) emulsified bitumen has been used as binder for Mastic Asphalt in cold mix. Primarily the laboratory study has been conducted with recommended grading of coarse, fine aggregate and lime as filler in line with the provision of IRC: 1072013 and MORTH specification - for preparation of Mastic Asphalt with Hot mix Asphalt (HMA).

What is Marshall Mix Design for Bituminous Materials?

The Marshall Mix Design method was originally developed by Bruce Marshall of the Mississippi Highway Department in 1939. The main idea of the Marshall Mix Design method involves the selection of the asphalt binder content with a suitable density which satisfies minimum stability and range of flow values.

Foamed-Asphalt Paving Mixtures: Preparation of Design Mixes

Foamed-Asphalt Paving Mixtures: Preparation of Design Mixes and Treatment of Test Specimens P.J. RUCKEL, S.M. ACOTT, AND R.H. BOWERING Foamed-asphalt paving mixtures are evaluated under a variety of testing proce· du res for design of field projects in different areas of the United States and in other countries.

What is the range of optimum bitumen content for permeable

The optimum bitumen content for a permeable asphalt mix varies with respect to the gradation followed (whether only the single size aggregates are used or the mix includes fines and fillers as well). The range can be around 7 % based on the previous research papers.


IJRRAS 6 (4) March 2011 Kridan & al. Determination of Optimum Bitumen Content 401 2. RESEARCH SCOPE This research was pursued to investigate and compare the optimum bitumen content obtained from two designed mixes (with and without sasobit additive) in fabricating warm mix asphalt specimens in laboratory. Prior to mixing


The major parameter in design of hot mix asphalt (HMA) widely used in flexible pavements as base course and surfacing course all over the world, is to find out the optimum bitumen content (OBC) required in achieving the desired objective. Bitumen is a costly material and needs to be designed very carefully to achieve the desired

Asphalt Basics

term "asphalt" is synonymous with our term "bitumen" and hence the term "asphaltic concrete'.' 2.1 ASPHALT MIX TERMS The following brief description should serve to define the current usage of terms in Australia: {a) ASPHALT-a general term covering all combinations of mineral aggregates and bitumen {or tar) binder which are

The Effect of Evotherm on Hot Mix Asphalt

The specification that guides asphalt design in Nigeria using the Marshall Stability method is the Nigerian General Specification for Roads and Bridges [17] . The general guide to the design mix is shown in Table 1 for aggregate envelop and bitumen ranges for both Wearing and Binder courses.

Asphalt Mix

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Secondly, prepared samples for Marshall Mix design and determine the Optimum bitumen content for mix using VG-30. After determining the OBC prepare sample at 110°C, 120°C, 130°C temperature and different dose of Rediset like 1.5%, 2.0%, and 2.5%. Based on this the Optimum Temperature and Optimum Dose of Rediset has been

A sphalt Mixture Design – An O verview

Marshall method of mixture design as per Manual Series #2 (Asphalt Institute) for modified and conventional binder mixtures Modified Marshall Method for mixtures with NMAS > 25 mm.


Asphalt Mix Design 4 Australian Asphalt Pavement Association – 2012 For dense mixes, the range of air voids in service should be between 2% and 7%. Below about 2% mixes can become unstable due to the lubricating effect of bitumen almost totally occupying the space between the aggregate particles.

Effect of Aggregate Gradation Variation on the Marshall Mix

essential mix design properties of bituminous mix. In the study, optimum bitumen content is produced for different 6 gradations. 5 gradations were taken between the limits and one above the limits. Optimum Bitumen Content increases from coarser to finer gradation. Considering


In order to investigate the effects of overheating bitumen on HMA properties, the scope of the study was included preparation of ACW 14 Marshall samples with bitumen content are 4.5%, 5.0%, 5.5%, 6.0% and 6.5% as control samples. The Marshall Test was conducted to determine optimum bitumen content and mix properties.


The major parameter in design of hot mix asphalt (HMA) widely used in flexible pavements as base course and surfacing course all over the world, is to find out the optimum bitumen content (OBC) required in achieving the desired

Marshall Mix Design: Lab Report

Dec 30, 2016 · Marshall Mix Design: Lab Report 1. CEL 782: PAVEMENT MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES LABORATORY RECORDS Submission Date: 19/10/20131 Asphalt Concrete Mixture Design Submitted By: Group 1 2013CEZ8070 PRIYANSH SINGH 2013CEP2073 AAYUSH KUMAR 2013CEP2074 ANJANEYULU CHINTHIREDDY 2013CEP2080 LEEZA MALIK 2013CEP2083 MUNESH KUMAR MEENA 2013CEP2778 YOHANNES LEGESSEDADI 2013CEP2086 SAUBHAGYA DIXIT ...


the plant. The binder content for a particular asphalt mixture is established by the mix design. The optimum binder content of the asphalt mixture is highly dependent on aggregate characteristics such as gradation and absorptiveness. Aggregate gradation is directly related to optimum binder content. The finer the asphalt


Keywords: Bituminous road, Marshall Mix design, Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement, Optimum Bitumen Content 1. INTRODUCTION Hot mix recycling is the process in which reclaimed asphalt pavement materials are blend of ...

Effect of Aggregate Gradation Variation on the

Effect of Aggregate Gradation Variation on the Marshall Mix Properties of Asphalt Concrete Table 1: Bitumen Properties S. N. Description of Test Test Value Method of Test 1 Penetration at 25oC, 100 g, 5 s, 0.1 mm 91 IS 1203 2 ...

Table 6-7. Selection of Optimum Asphalt Content

asphalt content equal to the optimum asphalt content determined by the tests. Because all of the volatiles do not evaporate, the amount of bitumen to be added as determined by this mix design


The major parameter in design of hot mix asphalt (HMA) widely used in flexible pavements as base course and surfacing course all over the world, is to find out the optimum bitumen content (OBC) required in achieving the desired objective. Bitumen is a costly

[PDF] Reduction of optimum bitumen content inbituminous mixes

Use of plastic in road construction is gaining importance these days because plastic roads perform better than ordinary roads and the plastic waste, otherwise considered to be a pollution menace can find its use. This paper deals with the investigations of the use of waste plastic for coating of aggregates in the bituminous mix. Optimum bituminous mixes are designed using ordinary aggregate ...


modified mixes. The optimum bitumen content (OBC) was then determined for all the mix by Marshall Mix design. Experimental results indicate higher stability value with lower OBC for the mix having 4% FA as optimum filler

Superpave Asphalt Mixture Design Workshop

Selection of the design aggregate structure (design blend) consists of determining the aggregate stockpile proportions and corresponding combined gradations of the mix design. The design aggregate structure, when blended at the optimum asphalt binder content, should yield acceptable volumetric properties based on the established criteria.

Marshall Mix Design Procedure

Sep 29, 2016 · Sometimes there is a term written in some texts as HMA or Hot Mix Aspahlt it is basically the same thing like that of Bitumen as asphalt binder and aggregate. HMA mix design is the process of determining what aggregate to use, what asphalt binder to use and what the optimum combination of these two ingredients should be.

Chapter 2 Design and Control of Bituminous Mixtures Using a

The design of bituminous mixture by the Department’s Modified Marshall Method involves the proportioning of the aggregates and asphalt to produce a mix that will have the optimum qualities and properties. The purpose is to develop a design, by trial means, which will


Volumetric Analysis of HMA Mixtures 31 - Example Problem - • Let’s assume we have a compacted HMA mixture with the following properties. Bulk Specific Gravity of the Mixture - G mb = 2.425 Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity - G mm = 2.521 Asphalt Binder Specific Gravity - G b = 1.015 Asphalt Content - P b = 5.0 % (by mass of total mix)

Effect of Rosin Modification on Bitumen and Hot

Ş. Karahançer / Effect of Rosin Modification on Bitumen and Hot Mix Asphalt 265 Resin are generally occurring in nature mixtures of organic compounds. After that resin is distilled and volatile terpenes have been removed.

1. Introduction

The optimum bitumen content value chosen is 5.1% ± 0.3%. d) Mix design with basalt granulate (F4) The mix design with basalt granulate shows these best performances in the range 5% - 6% binder content. The optimum value of the binder content chosen is 5.5% ± 0.5%. The results of these formulas are summarized in Table 7.


Calculate the limiting asphalt content at the tentative design asphalt content. (P'b max) 2.13. Calculate the Bearing Capacity for each asphalt content. 3. Equations. Equations for the above calculations follow in this text and their application may be expedited by use of the appropriate worksheet (Figure 1). Also, there is a computer program ...

Determination of the optimum binder content of warm mix

In a typical mix design method, the optimum binder content of a particular asphalt mixture and binder types, is determined from the relationships between mixture volumetric and strength properties with variations in binder contents. | DETERMINATION OF OPTIMUM BITUMEN

The general aim of Hot Mix Asphalt Design is selection of the most suitable and economic mixture of aggregate and bitumen which can maintain the properties of asphalt mixture in a definite range. Contact Us Address : No. 1, 4th All

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