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What can your RapidMix do? Do you think potholes are inevitable? Think again, with RapidMix Continuous Mixing Plants production of roller compacted concrete (RCC), sinkholes and cracks are now a thing of the past. Here are just some of the incredible features of RapidMix and RCC.

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Fortunately there is not much to do, only ensure the silo feed and control systems are in top shape. If you would like to get your machine performing its best, give us a call. We get a lot of satisfaction seeing old pugmills running like new, if not better! Keeping your pugmill looking like new? The best start to the new construction season.

Batu Hampar dam – design and construction of an RCC dam

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Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) FAQs

Whereas, a roller-compacted concrete pavement built to replace a failed pavement on a major route may require reaching 2,500 psi compressive strength and be opened for traffic within one or two days from placement. Different mixes of roller-compacted concrete can be designed to meet the different requirements of the two applications.

Pug Mill Mixers

Pug Mill Mixers. Pug Mills, Pug Mixers, Puggers Road Base Mixers have a lot of similar names and come in a variety of designs and sizes. They have many different names and are used in many different industries and applications, including cement, chemical, fertilizer production, food manufacturing, municipalities, pharmaceutical production, power plants, steel mills, brick manufacturing, coal ...

Benefits and Costs of Roller-Compacted Concrete

Nov 25, 2019 · Roller compacted concrete (RCC) was originally limited to the sub-base of roads and airfield pavements, being called lean concrete or dry lean concrete. This type of concrete has become very popular due to the fact that it is a simple material to produce and because it can be placed fast while producing a great surface.

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RWC Equipment Leasing supplies Volumetric & Continuous Weigh RapidMix Continuous Mixing Plants to lease, rent or buy used equipment. All 4 machines are Continuous Mixing and can be operated without interruption from charging or material discharge.

Lawn Roller - Should You Use One?

A lawn roller is traditionally used in spring as part of regular lawn maintenance. Golf courses do it and they have great greens – so it must be good for your lawn too – right? Wrong. Don’t do it. If you own a lawn roller it is time to find another use for it.

Rapidmix Pugmill Applications

The continuous mixing technology employed by these plants produces high quality, consistent blends coveted by construction and environmental remediation operations. Popular Rapidmix pugmill applications include roller compacted concrete, cement treated base, and soil cement.

Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC)

Roller-compacted concrete, or RCC, takes its name from the construction method used to build it. It's placed with conventional or high-density asphalt paving equipment,then compacted with rollers. Roller-compacted concrete has the same basic ingredient as conventional concrete: cement, water, and aggregates, such as gravel or crushed stone.

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Béton Provincial is not new to the field of precast concrete. We have five ultramodern plants to design precast products. These plants use avant-garde technology such as interactive system temperature control implanted into precast pieces, so that the curing process can be monitored in real time.

Reclaimed Asphalt Concrete - User Guideline

In either case, a pugmill mixing plant is commonly used. (24) Recycled cold mix material can be normally placed with a conventional paver, provided the mixing moisture can be adequately controlled to a level not requiring aeration. Cold mix pavement construction requires several warm days and nights for adequate curing.

Know Your Compaction Facts

2015/05/28 · Know Your Compaction Facts A solid understanding of soil types, as well as a firm grasp of the different types of machines and the applications they're designed for, can help ensure successful ...

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Since they are interlocking and attractive, these concrete blocks are also used for light retaining wall projects. The concrete used to make them has a minimum 25 MPa, with entrained air that can withstand freeze-thaw cycles. Formats available: 2 ft x 2 ft x 4 ft and 2 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft

From the Director’s Chair What’s Unsafe about Safe Yield RCC

output. You may be in for a surprise when that drought or a worse one does occur. Just as one can intentionally shift the yield higher by eliminating one pesky drought, it’s just as likely that such a drought or worse occurred just before the streamflow data set you are using began or is lurking just around the corner. Tree ring evidence

Design, Construction, and Evaluation of Clay Liners for Waste

The TRD was first issued as a draft for public comment under the title, "Design, Construction, and Evaluation of Clay Liners for Waste Management Facilities" (EPA/530-SW-86-007) dated March 1986. The draft TRD was also made available through the National Technical Information Service (Order No. PB86-184496/AS).


Jan 08, 2016 · The weight of tandem roller varies from 2 to 8 tonnes and that of two wheeled roller varies from 8 to 10 tonnes. Three wheeled roller; It ground coverage provided by smooth wheeled roller is 100%. The weight of the roller can be increased by filling the inside space of the drum with water or wet sand. This is called ballasting.


Generally a series of two or three rollers is used. Contractors can control roller compaction by varying things such as the types of rollers used, the number of roller used, roller speed, the number of roller passes over a given area of the mat, the location at which each roller works, and the pattern that each roller uses to compact the mat.

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Pugmill Manufacturer and Supplier of Soil Stabilization Plants for manufacture of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC), Cement Treated Base (CTB), Cold Mix Asphalt, Hazardous Compacted Soil etc. German Plant Experience, one of the leading pugmill manufacturers, offers complete inhouse design of Pugmill Systems, specifically manufactured to ...

Designers's Guide for UFGS 32 13 16.16 Roller Compacted

2010/10/01 · Designers's Guide for UFGS 32 13 16.16 Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Pavement Technical Report (PDF Available ) · October 2010 with 378 Reads How we measure 'reads' A 'read' is counted each ...

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For Road Base, we usually need cement treated soil, cement treated aggregate, roller compacted concrete or other material, Camelway Machinery will help customers make homogenous mix of base or sub base layers. Our WBZ and Mobile YWBZ PugMill Continuous Mixing Plant can provide the portability and flexibility for blending the products you need.


Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) production for pavements raises many questions for the novice, from mix design, to admixtures, to plant equipment. A common question is, “What equipment is best for producing/mixing RCC for pavements?”

Technology: Road recycling

Technology: Road recycling ... Recycling is always a good thing to do, but today it can also help you win bids. ... The material left in place is compacted and shaped by a motor grader to the ...

How asphalt cement is made - material, used, processing

3 The asphalt cement may also be emulsified to produce a liquid that can be easily pumped through pipes, mixed with aggregate, or sprayed through nozzles. To emulsify, the asphalt cement is ground into globules 5 to 10 microns and smaller (one micron is equal to one millionth of a meter). This is mixed with water.


Soil-cement is a highly compacted mixture of soil/aggregate, cement, and water. It is widely used as a low-cost pavement base for roads, residential streets, parking areas, airports, shoulders, and materials-handling and storage areas.

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With hundreds of parts and fully assembled machines, IronPlanet offers you excellent choice. You can buy and sell Asphalt Plants from any all manufacturers, including brands such as ADM, , Barber-Greene, Marini. Get Price; USED Kohlberg/Portec portable pugmill, model 53, Equipment buys, sells, and trades USED Kohlberg/Portec portable pugmill ...

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a major applications for a Pugmill will be for producing Cold Emulsified Asphalt; When the device isn’t required as a pugmill, you can remove the pughead and use the machine as a 16 meter track conveyor that can be fed with either a loader, crusher or screener.

Roller Compacted Concrete- Properties, Advantages

2019/12/21 · Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is a concrete of zero-slump consistency in its unhardened state used in pavement and dams. It is transported, placed, and compacted using earth and rockfill construction equipment.


Our Roller compacted plants have productions up to 400 m3/h Roller compacted Concrete or sub-base is a material used as a substrate for infrastractures as roads, dams, Airport Runaways and others. For this application we can offer both batching plants or continous plants.

Roller Compacted Concrete Production and Construction

Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) is a special type of concrete that incorporates typical concrete constituents (i.e. aggregate, cement, water, etc.) but in different proportions. Due to the dry nature of RCC, it is placed using a paver and rollers, similar to the construction process of asphalt concrete.

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Portable Pugmill Pugmill. Used PEERLESS 36" Twin Shaft Portable Pugmill Plant, powered by a Detroit Diesel engine, with a bituminouspump for making cold mix asphalt, water pump to do pug mix (have to swapout), mounted on single axle dual ...

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Portable Pugmill Cold Mix Asphalt Plant - … used portable pugmill plant crusher south africa ready mix, central mix, high production pugmill) concrete plants concrete batch plants, ready mix whether you are looking for a mobile

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2018/05/30 · OK, Ive read most of the pugmill/mixer comments on why get one (or not), what size, and uses. I am retired, am not a production potter, and could do without a pugmill/mixer (at least until my hand/arm strength begins to fade). But, at my stage in life, I enjoy using fine equipment in my hobbies a...

Roller compacted concrete (RCC), for a long-lasting investment

Placing roller-compacted concrete costs relatively little. Since it has excellent durability and requires little maintenance, roller-compacted concrete is extremely cost-effective. ECO-FRIENDLY. RCC pavement is eco-friendly. Cement additives other than Portland cement can be added, such as fly ash (more energy-efficient).

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Cold Mix Paving can be produced and applied using a specialized paver known as a Mix Paver equipped with a fully automated screed. The aggregate is hauled to the mix paver, mixed with emulsion and placed. The material is then compacted and opened to traffic. Central plant mixing through a pugmill is an alternate method of producing cold mix ...

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