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Our NiCore™ hollow core concrete is a precision-manufactured, precast/prestressed concrete plank produced with high-strength (5,000 psi minimum) concrete. You get an affordable, reliable and versatile hollow core plank (also known as dox plank) that offers a host of advantages over other traditional building materials.

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Our Solutions - Precast Concrete - BPDL. ... Module Architecture Concept Architecture Architecture Details Precast Concrete Panels Concrete Structure Concrete Molds Building Systems Civil Engineering Steel Frame. See 188 photos from 17087 visitors about live music, ... Best Home Decor Deals = https: ...

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We will be with you through the whole process. Get started today! Who Are Our Customers We work with all types of businesses, contractors, governments, and end-users, to ensure that your project has the right portable concrete mixing

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Precast concrete was the only material flexible enough to create this dazzling look. “The use of precast concrete panels eliminated the need to create the building’s envelope on site; everything was done in the precast contractor’s plant in perfect weather conditions and the installation was completed in less than two months,” Blais said.

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Bridlewood Builders start homes with Superior Walls Precast Concrete Foundations Superior Walls Several award-winning homes constructed by Bridlewood Builders have one thing in common: they all began with energy-efficient precast concrete foundation systems from Superior Walls .

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Home. Precast Concrete Walls. Precision, Prestressed Concrete Wall Panels. Learn More. Design, Engineering & Planning. We work with you, to design & plan your project.

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Precast Walls. Sigma Precast specialises in precast walls, precast concrete slabs, precas concrete walls and precast houses. Our prefab walls are of the highest quality and we custom design according to each client's specifications.Our precast and concrete walling is superior quality.

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Precast wall panels describe several different types panel systems: A. solid concrete panels, 6” or 8” thick B. Insulated concrete panels, also known as composite concrete panels usually consisting of 2 whythes of concrete separated by rigid foam insulation . the inside and outside whythes usually 3” to 4” thick are connected by several different …


Texas Precast LLC. is a locally owned and operated business that has been serving the industry for over 30 years. We are one of the premier pre-cast manufacturers of a wide variety of concrete products . Our products include but not limited to: concrete treatment systems, lint/grease interceptors (traps), catch basins, culverts, and vaults.

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precast concrete home plans. Strength lightweight psi reinforced concrete homes are only walls has relied on top of the building with electrical networking and cast stone and placed on the construction cost has dimension 1380×662 pixel and execution cost schedule ii estimated construction in their dream home will be avoided a natural for all precast concrete is available to serve as ...

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Properties of Precast Concrete Construction. Following are the few Properties of Precast Concrete Construction Process: Enables faster programmed times – not affected by weather or labour shortages. Improves buildability – early enclosure of dry envelope enables follow-on trades to start sooner.

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PRECAST CONCRETE PROCESS A large number of concrete structures (about 6% of the building frame market) are precast. The individual components are prefabricated off site then taken to site where they are erected. The following figures illustrate the precast concrete process: 1.

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Poured concrete walls are a popular alternative to precast concrete. These require concrete to be poured into various locations at the construction site. The concrete must also be cured on site. Both types of walls have their advantages and disadvantages. Poured Concrete Wall Advantages. These walls have a higher density than precast concrete ...

Concrete Block or Precast Concrete Foundation

Concrete block or precast concrete foundation The foundation is a crucial element for building your home. Your home’s foundation guarantees the strength of the building structure. Two types of constructions can be chosen for your home’s foundations: precast concrete and concrete blocks.

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May 27, 2016 · Precast is just one of three companies in the region making the panels. Its Quebec-based parent company, BPDL, also has local customers. “The ultimate goal of this facility is to reach out to ...

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Why choose precast concrete? We could go on for hours, but our favorite attributes are quality, versatility, sustainability, strength, durability and lower lifetime costs. The precast concrete industry offers an almost endless variety of products for above-ground and underground construction.

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Jan 01, 2010 · In the eternal struggle between building cost and quality, studcast systems can be potent tools. The thin-panel system provides benefits of architectural precast concrete, but reduces weight by more than 50 per cent.

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Precast concrete offers solutions The team also chose to use various precast concrete products to accelerate the construction schedule. For example, precast concrete pier sections avoided having to deal with cast-in-place concrete and facilitated construction during inclement weather while maintaining quality.

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Precast Concrete - BPDL - Home. Precast concrete gives form to architectural vision, whether it is to create, restore or even entirely rebuild an iconic building. In short, with precast concrete, BPDL has brought back elegance and aesthetics back into the construction paradigm.

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Our precast concrete homes are the right price for the Houston area because our efficient concrete panel manufacturing process allows us to build faster and at lower cost than traditional wood-frame construction. Part of our mission is to create affordable housing for the 0K-0K market as builders, and as partners with other builders ...

Corning Museum of Glass ⋆ American Steel & Precast Erectors

Corning Museum of Glass North Wing Addition Corning, NY million dollar addition to the Corning Museum of Glass Visitor's Center that will showcase the new venue for the museum’s signature live glass-making presentations. The gallery will feature massive curvilinear concrete walls, and the building will be the largest space anywhere dedicated to the

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Precast Systems, Inc. in Allentown, New Jersey, supplies premium precast concrete for building and bridge systems. Consider us a partner for your building project as we offer excellent quality and on-time delivery coupled with more than 30 years’ industry experience.

Waterfront Park, Phase II

Precast concrete in the landscape Nearly all of the concrete elements on the project are precast concrete supplied by BPDL in Quebec. Precast concrete was chosen for the quality of finishing that can be achieved, and for the ability to accommodate the many different angles and the ‘assembly of pieces’ effect which was more complicated to …

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RESIDENTIAL PRODUCTSWhen it comes to providing moisture-free and energy-efficient living space for the home, precast concrete foundations are your answer.Designs vary from thin-shell precast concrete with a partially embedded metal frame to panels with sandwich insulation and concrete headed, footers, and studs. Panels are available in standard sizes and custom

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When Conewago Precast is specified on your project, you can be assured that you are receiving a quality monitored and tested product. In fact, each and every panel we produce has corresponding quality and production information and records. The history of concrete’s durability dates back to the Roman construction of the aqueducts and coliseum.

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This integrated building envelope system offers limitless architectural solutions including plant-insulated panels with plant-installed windows. Precast Concrete Producer, BPDL, was able to replicate the same type of architectural precast thin brick that was used for buildings I and II by using the SlenderWall® technology.


The Sunset Blvd total precast concrete home is a residential project located in Thornbury, Ontario. It consists entirely of architecturally finished structural precast concrete. Located on a golf course, the home is in use as a family cottage. All new construction on the property is governed by a covenant, so products to be

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The first challenge was floor depth: the project was limited in height and needed a shallow floor assembly. The project worked with a 250-millimetre thick [10 inches] precast concrete hollowcore floor slab, with a typical bay size of 8m x 11m [26 feet x 36 feet].

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Precast Specialties Corp. is a precast concrete manufacturer specialized in concrete panels and roadway and masonry products. EN. home about our ... is part of BPDL ...

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Precast wall panels describe several different types panel systems: A. solid concrete panels, 6” or 8” thick. B. Insulated concrete panels, also known as composite concrete panels usually consisting of 2 whythes of concrete separated by rigid foam insulation . the inside and outside whythes usually 3” to 4” thick are connected by several different proprietary connector types.

CarbonCast High Performance Insulated Wall Panels

CarbonCast High Performance Insulated Wall Panels are composed of two concrete wythes separated by continuous insulation (c.i.). With very low thermal conductivity, the high-strength C-GRID connectors help deliver a sandwich wall panel with insulation values up to R-37 depending on the thickness and type of foam insulation.

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